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FAQ - Winterizing Sprinkler Systems

September 18, 2018

When cold temperatures arrive in Minnesota (usually in November), water left in irrigation lines can freeze and cause serious damage.   Homeowners who recently installed an underground sprinkler system  may be wondering what exactly they need to do to maintain it. One critical step in...

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How Does a Seed Lawn Compare to Sod? - Two Months After Installation

July 25, 2018

The great debate among homeowners when installing a new lawn is whether to use seed or sod.  Spoiler alert: there isn't a right answer. However, we thought it would be an interesting exercise to monitor the two different applications side by side. Luckily enough, one of our clients wanted to use...

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Why Your Lawn Has an Unquenchable Thirst for Water

July 16, 2018

Out of all the shrubs, trees, and perennials in your yard, hands down the plant that requires the most amount of water is the grass in your lawn. For how much you water your lawn, you’d expect to have a giant puddle in your backyard by now. It seems as if the thirst is unquenchable and you're...

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Tips For Watering Plants In a Residential Landscape

June 06, 2018

Pay attention to the plant

- Are leaves dry, crunchy or wilting?

This is usually an indicator that the plant is struggling but not necessarily   because of a lack of water.

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New Sod Lawn with Irrigation System - Project Summary

March 06, 2018

Project Description:

Homeowner needed grading and site prep of  their existing yard.  They had various trap rock and rip-rap that needed to be disposed of, along with the existing topsoil to be removed.  Once that was all taken out, we brought in 105 cubic yards of pulverized black dirt to...

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Dos and Don’ts of Winterizing Your Sprinkler System

September 06, 2017

Winters in Minnesota get cold… like really cold. So cold that anything with water or moisture will freeze over, including the ground and irrigation pipes. When water freezes, it expands and can crack or burst the pipes that contain it. This can cause lots of damage for homeowners. Because of...

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Starting From Scratch - Residential Landscape Design + Build

August 30, 2017

Project Description:

Homeowner moved into a brand new house and needed a complete landscape design plus installation around the entire property. The first step of the project was to install 24 tons of limestone block retaining walls on the sides of the house. Then an underground irrigation...

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Quiz- Best Watering Techniques for Irrigation Systems

July 19, 2017

 Are you proud of your backyard oasis?  Think you're wise to smart irrigation? Test your knowledge on the best watering techniques by taking this quiz. 

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Major Retaining Wall Needed For Historic Home

July 14, 2017

Project Description:

Homeowner had a large corner lot, and most of the yard was sloped, creating a difficult scenario for successful landscaping.  The grass was spotty at most, and there were areas of dirt.  Almost the entire perimeter of the lot was sloped, which caused lots of erosion in the...

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