What Is All That Rubber On Synthetic Turf Fields?

If you've ever been on a synthetic turf field, you probably noticed a bunch of small pellets on the surface. These  pellets are the infill for synthetic turf fields and can be made up of several different materials, but the most common is SBR Crumb Rubber.

Synthetic Turf Field

 Crumb rubber is a broad term used to describe  recycled old tires from cars and trucks.  These tires get shredded down into granular form and used for athletic fields. Another common material is silica sand. Sometimes silica sand will be combined with crumb rubber to create the turf infill.

Crumb Rubber

Three Main Functions of Infill

  1. The infill settles in between the blades of grass to keep it supported and standing straight up.
  2. Provides a soft and springy surface  to soften the impact for athletes.
  3. Helps protects the  turfs foundation.

Synthetic Turf Infill

After the turf field has been sewn together, the rubber pellets are spread across the entire field and swept into the grass.

Turf Installation

Crumb Rubber Infill

Synthetic Turf Field Infill