Customers might stand in absurdly    long lines. Discounted products will fly off shelves. But dirt still needs to be moved on Black Friday. At Peterson Companies, we like to call this day Black Dirt Friday. A day to reflect back on all of the black dirt, topsoil, rock, sand, and base material that was moved across every job during in 2017.  


 Beneath every field, roadway, and park is a lot of dirt! That dirt needed to be dug, stripped, scraped, pushed, hauled, and graded across every job site to create the perfect landform. Things like slope, compaction, and drainage need to be spot on.  This  may require specialty blended soils made off site, or GPS controlled machinery for tight tolerances.  So how much dirt was moved in 2017?

- Topsoil: Over 140,000 cubic yards
- Common Material: Over 300,000 cubic yards
- Rock, Sand, and Base Material: Over 200,000 tons
- Athletic Field Sand Peat: 33,000 tons
- Contaminated Soils Removed: 16,000 tons