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How Black Dirt is Made

June 29, 2016

Ever wonder where  black dirt comes from? The ground, duh. But how does it get transported and cleaned? And what about those specialty planting soils with compost and manure? It's not as simple of a process as you might think.  

1. First, excavated dirt from a job is hauled off site.

2. The Unfiltered dirt gets dumped into a screener. Sand, compost, and manure can also be added to create specialty blends of soil.


3. Dirt runs through the screener, where small holes in the spinning cage filter out larger rock and debris from the good dirt.


4. The larger rock and debris is separated and dumped out the back into a waste pile.


5. The "good" dirt falls through the small holes of the screener and onto a series of conveyor belts.


6. The conveyor belt transports the dirt away from the machine and towards a designated staging area.



7. The black dirt eventually falls from the top of the conveyor belt and  onto the dirt pile. The dirt is now filtered and ready to use for landscape use or planting soil.


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