This design goal for this residential landscape project was to create a usable space while lowering the maintenance level of the yard. A large portion of the backyard was a steep slope making it virtually unusable as well as difficult to mow. There were old wooden steps leading to a dilapidated wood deck along the shoreline.  The homeowner desperately wanted a makeover to match the quality of their great lakefront view.










Customer Needs:

  • Replace decking with patio
  • Re-grade and terrace slope
  • Rebuild walking path and steps down to water

Peterson Solutions:

  • Removed decking
  • Regraded shoreline slope
  • Created a walking terrace and patio
  • Installed rip-rap boulders along 70’ of shoreline
  • Installed fabric and crushed granite over 70’ walking terrace
  • Constructed 15 stone steps
  • Constructed boulder walls
  • Installed 140’ of vinyl edging and 15 cubic yards of hardwood mulch
  • Installed perennials and shrubs
  • Repaired any disturbed areas with black dirt and seed

Core Materials:

  • Fabric and boulders to cover 70’ of shoreline
  • Crushed granite to cover 70’ of walking terrace
  • 15 stone steps
  • Boulders for 3’ boulder wall
  • Willow Creek cobble pavers for paver patio
  • 140’ vinyl edging
  • 15 cubic yards of hardwood mulch
  • 360 native perennials
  • 7 shrubs
  • 15 perennials
  • Black dirt and seed

Project Duration:

  • Week 1- Remove existing deck and steps, grade slope, lay fabric and rip-rap boulders on shoreline.
  • Weeks 2 & 3- Construct boulder walls, stone steps, and paver patio.
  • Week 4- Install plants and repair disturbed lawn with black dirt and grass seed.

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