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Boulder Retaining Wall - Project Summary

June 22, 2016

Project Description:

Installed a retaining wall to reinforce stability and minimize soil erosion from the steep slope alongside the house.  Client was also concerned about water runoff from the slope so a drainage system was installed behind the wall to manage water disbursement.

Before                                                After

20160411_132414.jpg 20160414_123059_1.jpg 

Customer Needs: 

  • Soil erosion control
  • Enhance stability
  • Water runoff management

Peterson Solutions: 

  • Graded the slope with precision equipment to ensure proper gradient measurement
  • Installed drain tiles below ground to allow for proper water disbursement
  • Placed heavy fabric at the base before retaining wall is built
  • Layered 2'-3' rock boulders to establish a 3-tiered wall (3 feet tall, 15-to-30 feet in length) to provide optimal erosion control and stability

Core Materials:

  • 2'-3' rock boulders
  • 4" non-perforated drain tiles

Project duration:

  • Day 1 - Graded the slope and installed drained tiles
  • Day 2 - Installed boulder wall
  • Day 3 - Installed boulder wall and minor clean up