Project Description:

Client wanted to revamp the front porch, walkway, and plantings, as well as the driveway. They also wanted block columns installed at the end of the driveway complete with lights and house number. The front step coming off the porch was very narrow and potentially a safety hazard. That was extended to a wider depth to be safe and functional.  The driveway was dug up and a paver apron was installed before re-tarring the drive.  The same pavers were used for the sidewalk and porch areas for a smooth, consistent look pulling everything together.  New plantings were put in place with grey granite rock for an eye catching contrast.  Landscape lighting   was installed to highlight the new features.


The step on this porch was not very deep, so we extended it to triple its size, making the area functional and safe.




The driveway was redone, complete with a new paver apron matching the stone used in the sidewalk.  The lighting was also updated at the end of the driveway with block columns and an address marker.





The landscaping was updated to fit the new space.  New trees, shrubs, and perennials were planted and new rock to fill in these areas.





Customer Needs:            

  • Remodel porch and expand step to make it safe
  • Install a new sidewalk
  • Refresh landscaping with new materials and plantings
  • Revamp lighting at the end of the driveway with block columns and new lights
  • Irrigation modified to support the new landscape
  • Install a new driveway

Peterson Solutions:

  • Removed existing driveway, excavated and removed soil to install base material and asphalt
  • Installed a paver apron in front of garage doors on a gravel base
  • Repaved porch and poured an extension onto the existing step
  • Installed paver sidewalk with two half circle cut-in borders
  • Removed existing plants, rock, mulch, edging, and sod
  • Installed border stone edging, new fabric weed barrier, 12 ton grey granite, 12 boulder outcroppings, flagstone path, cedar fence to enclose trash cans, and drains and drain tile for downspouts
  • Installed trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Constructed two block columns on each side of the driveway which included lighting
  • Installed 7 path lights, five spotlights, and two under-cap lights
  • Repaired any sod that needed repair
  • Irrigation was modified to support the new sod areas and soft-scape areas

Primary   Materials:

  • Gravel and Class 5 base material
  • Bergerac and Lafitt pavers
  • 225 feet of Chilton border stone edging
  • Fabric weed barrier
  • 12 ton grey granite
  • 12 boulder outcroppings
  • Flagstone and cedar fencing
  • Drains and drain tile
  • Trees, shrubs, and perennials
  • Anchor Brisa block with Indiana limestone caps
  • Various lighting and lighting fixtures
  • Sod
  • Irrigation piping and heads

Project Duration:

  • Week 1 – Removed existing driveway and landscaping. Installed all pavers on porch, step, sidewalk, and driveway apron
  • Week 2 & 3 – Installed 225’ of Chilton border stone edging, all plants, and 12 ton grey granite rock
  • Week 4 – Installed driveway, irrigation, and sod
  • Week 5 – Installed all lighting and cedar fence


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