Project Description:

Homeowner had a large corner lot, and most of the yard was sloped, creating a difficult scenario for successful landscaping.  The grass was spotty at most, and there were areas of dirt.  Almost the entire perimeter of the lot was sloped, which caused lots of erosion in the yard.  A makeshift landing was at the entry of the house, and it needed to be redone.   The property itself was uneven and needed to be regraded.   Homeowner wanted to have retaining walls built on the perimeter to help prevent further erosion, and build up the land again.  They also wanted a paver patio and fire pit for a proper gathering space.   In addition to the retaining wall and patio, a lush green lawn was installed complete with an irrigation system to keep it healthy. 










Customer Needs:

  • Have a patio to gather with family and friends
  • Prevent sloped yard from erosion
  • Lush green lawn, and plantings
  • Irrigation to take care of the new sod and plantings

Peterson Solutions:

  • Grade yard to level and create proper drainage from house
  • Install stone edging around house
  • Install block retaining walls around the perimeter of the lot complete with drain tile and backfill
  • Install irrigation system
  • Install sod
  • Install a stone planter
  • Install columns, seat wall, and retaining wall, along with a paver patio and fire pit
  • Deliver and install one tree, 24 flowering shrubs, 34 perennials, feather reed grass, and 2 clematis

Core Materials:

  • 36 cubic yards black dirt
  • 150 linear feet of Chilton stone edging
  • Versa-Lok block walls, and pavers
  • Irrigation system
  • 1050 square yards sod
  • Chilton stone cut wall stone
  • Versa-lok weathered units
  • Willow Creek cobble pavers
  • 24 shrubs, 34 perennials, feather reed grass, 2 clematis vines, and 1 crabapple tree

Project Duration:

  • Week 1 - Demolition and Excavation
  • Week 2, 3, & 4 - Stone walls and patio
  • Week 5 - Edging, plants, and mulch
  • Week 6 - Irrigation
  • Week 7 – Grading, dirt, and sod


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