The existing slope of this lakefront property in Chisago City, Minnesota was overgrown and difficult to manage. The homeowner wanted to revamp their sloped backyard into a more usable space to enjoy their lakefront property. To achieve this, sections of the existing stone retaining wall were removed to create a grass walking path that switchbacks down the slope. This change allowed the homeowner to easily maintain each landscaped level, as well as bring larger items to and from the boat.   Portions of the retaining wall needed to be rebuilt to match the new slope, and the shoreline was rebuilt with boulders to prevent further erosion.   Each planting bed was then  cleaned up to define the multiple tiers of the lakefront property.

The difficult part of this project was the accessibility  to the backyard and shoreline.  Moving large equipment through tight spaces and steep slopes require more coordination that a typical landscape job. The shoreline restoration at the bottom of the slope was the first scope of work to be completed. Once the shoreline was rebuilt with glacial boulders, the crew could move back up the slope without disturbing the waterfront.  After each landscaped tier was rebuilt to match the new slope, sod  was installed on the new path and on any disturbed areas of work. Lastly, Western Red Cedar mulch was spread around the plants.


Lakeshore Before


Lakeshore Landscape After

Retaining Wall After

Lake View After

Customer Needs:

  • Create a walking path to the dock
  • Define planted areas
  • Rebuild lakeshore

Peterson Solutions:

  • Install boulders on lakeshore
  • Rebuild existing retaining walls
  • Regrade pathway down the slope
  • Install western red cedar mulch on all plant beds
  • Restore lawn with sod on all disturbed areas

Core Materials:

  • Heavy fabric
  • 2’ boulders
  • Black dirt
  • Sod
  • Western Red Cedar mulch

Project Duration:

  • Day 1: Lakeshore restoration
  • Days 2-6: Reconstruction of retaining walls, regrading slope, and installation of sod 
  • Day 7: Lawn restoration of disturbed areas and installation of mulch

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