The goal of this project was simple: overhaul an existing driveway with a more attractive material. The homeowner wanted to replace their cracking asphalt, but didn't want to use the same blacktop asphalt. During the consultation phase of the design process, several options were discussed including concrete, decomposed granite, and the eventual winner, concrete pavers. A three-piece random pattern, a circle pattern, and soldier course border were used for the entirety of the driveway with a Cobblstone Lakeshore Blend by Versa-Lok Midwest. The varying paving design helps distinguish the different areas (entrance, parking, turnaround) of the driveway. Lastly, an electronic gate was installed between two brick walls anchoring the driveway to provide security and  a grand entrance for the home. 


Before Driveway


Driveway Demolition

Laying Concrete Pavers

Concrete Paver Patterns


Driveway Gate

Circle Pattern Concrete Pavers

Three-Piece Random Paver Pattern

Concrete Paver Driveway


Customer Needs:

  • Replace old, crumbling driveway with new paving material
  • Electronic gate at driveway entrance

Peterson Solutions:

  • Remove 163 cubic yards of asphalt and 270 ton of existing soil
  • Haul all material off site and dispose
  • Import  351 tons of Class 5 limestone base for asphalt and paver block area
  • Install asphalt covering 2,206 square feet
  • Install brick pavers, apply polymeric sand to all paver joints
  • Install electronic gate at driveway entrance and sidewalk

Core Materials:

  • 351 tons of Class 5 limestone base material
  • Washed sand for setting pavers
  • Brick pavers and polymeric sand
  • Electronic gate for driveway; gate at sidewalk and along yard
  • Asphalt to cover 2206 square feet

Project Duration:

  • Week 1: Demolition, excavation, and base preperation
  • Weeks 2-6: Installation  of paver blocks
  • Week 7: Install gates


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