Project Description:

Homeowner had a back entry that hadn’t been finished since the house was built.  This is a sizable space-perfect for barbecues   and parties, but it lacked the basic necessities for a backyard gathering.  The patio door needed steps, and the lawn was not ideal for heavy foot traffic.  They requested that we install drain tile, block steps, a large paver patio, and extend the existing boulder wall.  Once completed, the remaining bare spots would have sod installed, and the irrigation system would be adjusted for proper coverage.  Lastly, they requested to have low voltage under cap lights installed.


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Paver Steps

Paver Patio

Residential Landscape

Customer Needs:

  • Safe exit out the back patio via steps
  • Gathering space
  • Natural support for the new patio to prevent erosion or sinking of the patio

Peterson Solutions:

  • Excavated 10” of existing soil
  • Imported class 5 lime to lay 6” in depth for new patio blocks
  • Installed sand, cobble pavers, and block steps
  • Extended existing boulder wall
  • Installed drain tile, and black dirt and sod to finished grade
  • Applied pulverized black dirt and sod in all disturbed areas
  • Installed low voltage outdoor lighting complete with transformer, under cap lights, wire and connectors
  • Moved irrigation where necessary, and adjusted heads for proper spray

Core Materials:

  • Class 5 lime, river rock, and boulders
  • Sand, black dirt, and pulverized black dirt
  • Cobble pavers
  • Drain tile
  • Sod
  • Lighting

Project Duration:

  • Day 1-Excavation and removal
  • Day 2-Built steps
  • Day 3 & 4-Installed patio and pavers
  • Day 5-Installed drain tile, fixed/moved irrigation as needed, restored any disturbed areas with sod

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