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Shoreline Restoration - Project Summary

August 15, 2017

Project Description:

Homeowner had some erosion along their shoreline, and needed to have this area fixed and cleaned up.  Boulders were brought in to build a retaining wall, complete with a clay loam base and heavy felt fabric.  The area also had trees and debris that needed to be removed, and the area excavated to a finished grade.  Once the shoreline was complete, we restored the lawn with pulverized black dirt, applied our custom seed, and a fertilizer mix. 




Customer Needs:

  • Re-do the shoreline and make it stable
  • Remove trees and debris
  • Fix the slope (grade) and restore lawn

Peterson Solutions:

  • Installed 1-2 foot boulders along the shoreline with a compact clay loam at the base and a heavy felt fabric behind
  • Lawn restoration: spread black dirt on all disturbed areas, applied our custom seed, and fertilizer
  • Removed trees and debris. Removed stumps and excavated to a finished grade.  Applied seed and fertilizer.

Core Materials:

  • 1’-2’ boulders, clay loam, and heavy felt
  • Pulverized black dirt
  • Peterson custom seed
  • Fertilizer

Project Duration:

  • Day 1 – Built the boulder wall on the shoreline
  • Day 2 – Removed trees, stumps, and debris. Applied seed and fertilizer.