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Recycle Your Fall Plants For the Best Fall Decor

November 09, 2017

Autumn is a beautiful time of year in Minnesota, but can get a bit dreary in November.  The temperature has dropped, so have the leaves, summer annuals have died off, and  most plants have gone dormant. Rather than wait for snow to come and cover everything up, try extending the life of all those beautiful fall landscape colors and textures into your home.  Here are some great examples of using ordinary items from plants and trees to enhance your fall decor.

Fall Grasses


Grasses are the perfect accent to fall planters or landscapes. Their soft texture and varying colors last throughout fall and into winter. Cut off the stalk with  seed heads and stick them into vase or arrangement indoors. Plant the entire grass into an outdoor planter to dress up a front entryway or porch. Leave the grass in the garden to retain some landscape interest when most other plants of died back. Oats, annual fountain grasses, and native prairie grasses all deliver a fantastic aesthetic to your fall decor. 


 In need of an instant pop of color? Look no further than your vegetable garden. Squash, pumpkins, flowering kale, and ornamental peppers arranged together make a perfect window box.  When Thanksgiving    arrives, just bring the squash and pumpkins inside for a centerpiece at the dining table. 

Dogwood Arrangement


The red twig dogwoods are commonly thought of as a winter interest plant that is used abundantly in holiday planters and wreaths. These shrub's twigs  turn a vibrant red or yellow during the winter months, which can be a perfect splash of color for any decoration.  Cut off some of the twigs and add them into any arrangement for an instant eye catcher. The convenience of using dogwoods in the fall is that they will continue to look great through the winter.

Birch Branches 

Birch branches can also be used for both fall and winter decorations. Old fallen branches can be easily found in your yard after heavy winds or as temperatures drop. Collect them as you can, and use them from fall to spring in your holiday planters.  They make a great addition with any color scheme. They are stored easily and can be reused from season to season. If  you don't feel like storing them over summer, they also make great kindling for bonfires.

Pine cones 

Pine Cone Crafts

Pine cones can be found pretty much everywhere.  There are endless possibilities when it comes to adding these to your décor.  Put them in planters, use them in a centerpiece, hang them on your front door with some ribbon, or paint them to match whatever décor you have.  They are versatile, and can be used either by themselves or with other plants or grasses.  You have an endless supply of inexpensive crafts if you have a large pine tree in your yard.

Hydrangea BouquetHydrangea

From late summer to early fall, Hydrangea shrubs and trees are extremely popular in residential landscapes. When these large flower heads dry out and change color, clip them off for a long lasting centerpiece. The colors can range from green, pink, and brown  and can either be the focal point or filler in vases and planters.

Creating the perfect fall planter or Thanksgiving centerpiece doesn't need to be expensive or a lot of work. Simply go scavenging around your yard for basic plant items such as grasses, twigs, and pine cones    for unique fall decor and crafts.

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