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Wedding Venue at Vineyard

September 22, 2016

Project Description:

Client wanted to create a more accessible, serene space for their guests with optimal viewing areas.   A new, longer walkway was created bringing them closer to the spectacular view of the vineyards and the lake.  The patio space was an added benefit for wedding ceremonies; the longer length of the walkway opened up the seating area for larger parties and the patio area gives the wedding party or bride and groom a stable place to stand.  New sod was installed adding more beauty to the scenic space.



Wedding Landscape

Customer Needs:

  • Create a longer walkway and patio area for guests to gather and have optimal view of the area
  • Install new sod to ensure lush, green lawn

Peterson Solutions:

  • Removed existing vegetation, scraped down walkway area, brought in black dirt and graded area
  • Installed paver walkway and patio
  • Installed sod

Primary Materials:

  • Pulverized black dirt
  • Cobble pavers
  • Sod

Project Duration:

  • Day 1 – Removed existing walkway and prepped base with class 5 lime compacted. Installed paver walkway and patio with a 3 piece random cobble paver and a grey border
  • Day 2 – Removed existing vegetation and imported 60 yards of pulverized black dirt. Excavated to a finished grade
  • Day 3 – Installed sod