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Rustic Potager (Vegetable Garden)

September 14, 2016

Project Description:

Client wanted to expand and finish their raised vegetable garden by transforming it into a rustic potager, leveling the ground and adding stepping stones to accommodate for foot traffic. They requested brown mulch on all beds to assist in weed prevention.  Once the stepping stones were in place, trap rock chips were put in all of the joints and around the perimeter of the garden. 






Customer Needs:

  • Level existing base
  • Stepping stone base for walking space around planters

Peterson Solutions:

  • Graded existing base with precision equipment
  • Installed heavy duty fabric
  • Installed New York Bluestone stepping stones
  • Installed trap rock chips in all joints and around perimeter

Primary   Materials:

  • New York Bluestone stepping stones
  • Heavy duty fabric
  • Trap rock chips

Project Duration:

  • Day 1 – Graded and leveled existing base. Installed heavy duty fabric, then the NY bluestone stepping stones.  Filled in the joints with trap rock chips, and used these same chips around the perimeter.