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Retaining Wall Repair

July 26, 2016

Project Description:

Client wants to replace a large and deteriorating retaining wall  with new Versa-Lok block and cap to match.  To minimize the cost of the project, the owner replaced only the broken block.  This negates the need  to replace the entire wall since the majority of the block is still structurally sound. 

Before                                                 After

Customer Needs:

  • Replace deteriorating blocks and caps in all retaining walls
  • Re-stabilize walls

Peterson Solutions:

  • Stabilized walls
  • Removed and replaced all broken block and caps
  • Sealed blocks and caps where needed

Primary Materials:

  • Versa-Lok blocks and caps

Project Duration:

  • Day 1-Removed broken blocks and caps. Stabilized walls.  Installed and sealed new Versa-Lok blocks and caps.
  • Day2- Re-installed sections of fence that attached to old block.

For  more information about failing retaining walls, read  Symptoms of a Failing Retaining Wall   and   Keys to a Stable Retaining Wall.