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New Lawn & Retaining Wall

August 02, 2016

Project Description:

New construction homes are a blank canvas for homeowners and landscapers. Design is a crucial factor in turning this blank canvas into a useful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space.  In this project, we installed multiple boulder walls around the house and garage which not only worked with the slope of the ground, but also gave added detail to these areas. These boulder walls will assist with soil stability and water runoff management as well as providing texture and detail to the landscape. We installed an irrigation system for the sod and seed that we placed, and also fertilized.  Having an irrigation system installed allows a homeowner to regulate watering times, water evenly, and save time and money.  Poly fabric and rock were put under the deck and staircase to fill in the fully shaded areas where growing grass would be a challenge.


BEFORE                                                AFTER

         20160405_102523.jpg       DSC_0231.jpg



BEFORE                                                AFTER

 20160628_091805.jpg       DSC_0239.jpg



BEFORE                                               AFTER

             20160628_091624.jpg       DSC_0243.jpg


Customer Needs:

  • Create a useful, functional, beautiful yard
  • Water runoff management
  • Soil stability
  • Lush, green lawn

Peterson Solutions:

  • Graded the sloped areas and added fabric and soil behind boulders for stability
  • Layered boulder walls along the garage and around the corner of the house to create a terrace area
  • Installed an irrigation system to ensure lush, green grass
  • Put down seed, sod, and fertilizer. Covered the seeded area on the side slope with and erosion blanket to prevent it from washing away
  • Installed vinyl edging around foundation and also an island bed
  • Installed a poly weed barrier under the deck and staircase and spread 3” of limestone in this area

Primary Materials:

  • Boulders of various shape and sizes
  • Retaining wall fabric and soil
  • Seed and Sod
  • Vinyl edging
  • Poly and limestone

Project Duration:

  • Day 1 – Graded and site prep. Installed fabric, soil, and boulders and created walls around house and garage areas
  • Day 2 – Installed vinyl edging and limestone
  • Day 3 – Irrigation system installed
  • Day 4 & 5 – Sod and seed were laid and fertilized