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Landscape Facelift

July 29, 2016

Project description:

Removal of old worn out landscaping and installation of new foundation plants plus lawn repair. This consisted of; pulling out shrubs, cutting down trees, removing rock and edging, and removing the rock around the tree.

BEFORE                                                AFTER


Customer Needs:

  • Remove old shrubs
  • Cut down trees
  • Remove rock and edging
  • Remove block around tree

Peterson Solutions:

  • Removed all old trees, shrubs, and landscaping
  • Installed poly edging and weed barrier felt
  • Installed new shrubs and plants
  • Spread pulverized black dirt on all areas and covered with seed and fertilizer

Primary Materials:

  • Pulverized black dirt
  • Weed barrier felt
  • Poly edging
  • Rock
  • Shrubs and plants

Project Duration:

  • Day 1-Removed old landscaping and cut down trees. Removed block from around tree. Installed weed barrier felt and poly edging. Planted new shrubs and plants. Spread pulverized dirt on all disturbed areas and covered with seed.  Fertilized entire yard.