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Lakefront Patio

September 08, 2016

Project Description:
Client wanted a patio, walkway, and steps installed in their backyard. Being on a lakeshore lot and having a newly built house, they wanted to complete the outdoor space for maximum use for this prime location. They also wanted an irrigation system installed with a lake pump for 100% head to head coverage to ensure a lush, green lawn and great lakeshore landscaping.

The paver patio enables the homeowner to have an extended entertaining space, or a place to relax outdoors and enjoy the view of the lake.



Adding the walkway from the garage to the patio opens up the access to the backyard from multiple points.



Lakeshore properties offer the best views, extended play area for kids and adults, and access is key to maximizing these benefits. A well-constructed stairway will ensure safety and ease of access for many years.



Lakeshore properties have an added benefit of having water at your fingertips. An irrigation system was installed complete with a lake pump, wireless rain sensor, controller, and 25 heads. Having this system saves time, money, and ensures 100% head to head coverage for a lush, green lawn.

Customer Needs:
Paver patio to utilize the backyard space for entertaining or relaxing
• Walkways for multiple access points to the patio
• Steps for safety and ease of access to the lake
• Irrigation system for complete coverage and a lush, green lawn

Peterson Solutions:
• Installed a paver patio with an adjoining walkway to the back of the garage
• Installed Chilton steps and pavers down to the lake
• Installed a Hunter irrigation system complete with lake pump, controller, and wireless rain sensor
• Restored any disturbed lawn areas with black dirt and sod

Primary   Materials:
• Grey and Lakeshore blend color pavers
• Chilton steps
• Hunter irrigation system
• Black dirt and sod

Project Duration:
• Day 1 – Installed irrigation system with lake pump, wireless rain sensor, and controller.
• Day 2 – Graded and leveled with precision equipment to prep for pavers.
• Day 3 - Installed patio pavers and walkway. Installed Chilton steps leading to lake.
• Day 4 – Restored any disturbed lawn areas with black dirt and sod.