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Grading and Erosion Control

August 22, 2016

Project Description:
Removed and disposed small trees, and graded a portion of the yard to raise it up. Installed 45 yards of black dirt, shade tolerant seed mix, seed blanket, and vinyl edging from the driveway to the corner of yard along with shredded wood mulch. Installed fabric and rock below a boulder wall where the yard sloped to support the grade.



Customer Needs:
• Erosion control
• Level yard
• Lush green lawn

Peterson Solutions:
• Disposed of small trees, and graded portion of lawn
• Installed 3 loads of dirt
• Installed shade tolerant seed mix, seed blanket, edging, and mulch from driveway to house
• Installed single row boulder wall to raise the edge of the yard and created a more level area

Primary Materials:
• Black dirt
• Seed and seed blanket
• Vinyl edging
• Mulch
• Boulders

Project Duration:
• Day 1 – Graded yard and installed black dirt and boulders
• Day 2 – Installed edging, seed, and seed blanket