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Collapsed Retaining Wall

September 20, 2016

Project Description:

Homeowner needed to have a failed retaining wall rebuilt to enhance stability of the soil, manage water runoff, and have a safe, secure structure.





Customer Needs:

  • Enhance stability of soil
  • Water runoff management
  • Construct a secure and stable wall

Peterson Solutions:

  • Graded slope with precision equipment to ensure proper gradient measurement
  • Installed drain rock and drain tile behind wall for water runoff management
  • Installed Versalok block retaining wall to stabilize the slope
  • Spread black dirt and seed to repair damaged lawn areas

Primary   Materials:

  • Drain rock and drain tile
  • Versalok block
  • Black dirt and seed

Project Duration:

Day 1 – Removed existing blocks, and dug out soil.  Installed drain tile and drain rock behind retaining wall.  Installed Versalok block retaining wall.  Repaired lawn with black dirt and seed.