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Boulder Retaining Wall Repair

September 26, 2016

Project Description:

Rebuilt a failing boulder retaining wall on side of house.  Installed new fabric behind boulders, replaced boulders that were missing, and raked rock back into place.  Reseeded lawn around the rock garden 

BEFORE                                                                                          AFTER        


 Repaired Boulder Retaining Wall

Customer Needs:

  • Fix existing slope that was missing many boulders and needed some TLC
  • Re-stabilize soil by adding new fabric, rock, and boulders
  • Replaced missing boulders

Peterson Solutions:

  • Pushed back residential landscape and dug out soil
  • Installed new fabric behind boulders
  • Stacked new boulders on all walls
  • Raked rock back into place

Primary Materials:

  • 18” boulders
  • Landscaping fabric

Project Duration:

  • Day 1: Pushed back landscape rock and dug out soil. Installed new fabric.
  • Day 2: Installed new boulders and raked rock back into place.