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Backyard Patio Design

August 17, 2016

Project Description:
Client wanted a usable backyard patio design complete with a paver patio, fire pit, and boulder retaining wall. This area was a blank canvas and had the potential to be an oasis for family gatherings or just relaxing by a fire. We installed 680 square foot stone patio with an in-ground fire pit complete with a boulder wall to support the slope. We installed an irrigation system which will not only save time, water, and energy, but will also ensure complete coverage. The pond area needed to be tilled, graded, and seeded. To protect the seed from washing away, straw erosion blankets were put in place to secure the new seed.

To support the slope of the ground and to ensure a level patio and fire pit area, a boulder wall was installed. The boulder wall aides in soil erosion control and water management, and in this case, allows the homeowner to extend the patio space that much further.


The stairs from the deck originally led to a baron grassland. We put in a paver patio, fire pit, and sod to create a backyard oasis for large gatherings or a quiet night relaxing by the fire.


Sod was installed around the patio and house, and seed was put in by the pond area and covered with straw erosion blankets.



Installed a Hunter controller and irrigation system with 52 heads.  This will ensure complete coverage for a lush, green lawn.

Customer Needs:
• Patio space of size to support gatherings
• Fire pit
• Boulder wall to support the slope and enhance stability
• Irrigation for lush, green lawn
• Sod around house and seed by the pond
Peterson Solutions:
• Installed a 680 square foot stone patio with a fire pit
• Spread 90 cubic yards of black dirt
• Installed 25’ long row of 36” boulders to support the patio
• Installed 1750 square yards of sod around perimeter of house
• Seeded exposed area by pond and covered with straw erosion blankets
• Installed a Hunter controller and line with 52 heads for irrigation
• Broadcast seed on exposed areas by pond

Primary Materials:
• Black dirt
• Seed and Sod
• Anchor Holland stone pavers
• Hunter controller irrigation system
• 36” boulders
• Hunter controller and irrigation system including 52 heads
• Straw erosion blankets

Project Duration:
• Day 1 – Tilled and leveled existing soil and removed debris. Brought in black dirt to spread where needed. Installed 25 a foot boulder wall to support the fire pit patio area.
• Day 2 – Installed Anchor Holland stone patio along with a 16-foot circle patio with a metal fire ring in the center lined with boulders.
• Day 3 – Graded long strip along edge of pond. Spread seed and covered all exposed areas with straw erosion blankets.
• Day 4 – Installed a Hunter controller and irrigation line with 52 heads.
• Day 5 – Installed approximately 1700 square yards of sod in areas around the perimeter of the house.