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Make a Winter Planter to Last the Season

November 28, 2017

The leaves have fallen, plants have died back, and snow is about to cover anything resembling green. If you're looking to dress up a front porch or entryway with a winter planter, now is the time to get crafty. The same principles apply to all seasonal planters whether it is winter or summer. The three elements are Filler, Spiller, and Thriller. These planters will most likely be up for the next four months, so choose wisely in how you decorate them.

Winter Planter Supplies

Step One

We first cleared out all of the pumpkins, mums, and decorations from the fall planter. Certain elements from fall can be carried into winter decor such as dogwoods, birch branches, and grasses. We left a couple of grasses in the planter for an added texture and color.

Planter With Fall Grass

Step Two

Our planter boxes are quite large so fitting the scale is very important. The vertical elements are the first pieces added to make sure the height matches the planter box. We  placed a miniature Christmas tree right in the center as the focal point. Birch branches and dogwood sticks were then randomly placed around the tree and grasses.

Vertical Elements in Planter

Step Three

Once the center piece and vertical elements were in place, we filled the rest of the planter with what we call 'filler' material. The goal of the filler material is to add a base of greenery and texture. We used pine needle ropes, boxwood branches, and bundles of magnolia leaves.

Filler In Winter Planter

Step Four

After the filler and vertical elements were placed and arranged correctly, there was just enough room to stick in all of the decorations. We wanted our planter to have a natural look with a simple color scheme.   Pine cones on sticks were stuck into the dirt along with red berry clusters, and frost painted twigs. A few shiny ornaments were also placed among    the greenery for a bit of contrast.

Winter Decorations

Step Five

Lastly, the winter planters are wrapped with twinkle lights  that are battery operated. Even at night, the planters will look nice.

Finished Winter Planter

Seasonal Planter Supplies