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Hydroseed Lawn

July 01, 2016

Project Description:

A complete refurbishment of the front-and-back yard by scrapping all existing vegetation, filling the ground with pulverized black dirt, and seeding the soil with a mixture of bluegrass, ryegrass and fescues seeds.  To keep cost down, client has chosen hydroseeding (instead of sodding) to bring his depleted lawn to life.  

 BEFORE                                       AFTER


Customer Needs :

  • A lush lawn around the house (approximately 0.5 acre)
  • Remove all debris and outdated landscaping
  • Keep cost down to fit within budget

Peterson Solutions:

  • Scrapped and removed all weeds and junk vegetation from front and backyard
  • Excavated and graded field using precision measure to ensure proper water drainage
  • Filled front and backyard evenly with 4" of pulverized back dirt
  • Seeding - a 2-step process
  1. Applied seeding and fertilizer and raked through soil thoroughly
  2. Hydroseeded the field thoroughly and evenly to allow for proper germination

 Primary Materials:

  • 4" of pulverized black dirt
  • Seeding (a mixture of bluegrass, ryegrass and fescues)
  • Hydroseed Compound (mulch - Hydro Blanket BFM, seeding)

Project Duration:

  • Day 1 - Scrapped and removed existing vegetation from yard
  • Day 2 - Excavated and graded field; applied seed and fertilizer
  • Day 3 - Hydroseeded the entire yard and clean up