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Erosion Control With Native Plants

June 13, 2017

Project Description:

Homeowner was having erosion and drainage problems in the backyard of their residential landscape. The eroded slope in the backyard was dug out, regraded, and rebuilt with drain tile to help prevent future erosion. A total of 810 native perennials,   two birch trees, and a maple tree were planted on the slope that will help stabilize   the soil. Lastly, the grass that was damaged from washed out soil was torn out and replaced with 250 square yard of sod. 


Retaining Wall Erosion






Customer needs:

  • Fix erosion on slope in backyard
  • Replace or reuse boulder retaining wall on slope
  • Plant slope with new, colorful,  native plants
  • Lawn repair to the area that was washed out
  • Install steps along driveway

Peterson Solutions:

  • Removed all boulders and set them in a single row at the base of the hill for the entire length of the lot, importing up to an additional 10 tons.
  • Placed fabric behind the boulders and backfilled with soil
  • Excavated a trench and installed a 6” perforated drain tile at the top of the hill that connected to a 6” solid tile buried underground just west of the lot and attached a square drain box buried in the lawn
  • Dug a swale 109’ long, lined the swale with fabric, and installed 3-6” of river rock rip-rap over the fabric
  • Re-spread existing mulch and added as needed to achieve 3” coverage
  • Delivered and installed two Whitespire birch trees in 25 gallon containers, 810 native perennial plants, and one maple tree
  • Removed and replaced any damaged sod and re-adjusted sprinklers as needed
  • Top dressed all mulch beds around the house with 9 yards of coco brown mulch
  • Removed two boulders from the existing wall near the corner of the garage, and replaced with four cut boulder steps into the slope between the existing boulder wall and driveway

Core Materials:

  • Boulders - both existing and new
  • Drain tile
  • Rip-rap
  • Mulch
  • 250 square yards of sod
  • 2 birch trees, 810 plants, 45 native prairie plants, and 1 maple
  • 4 cut boulder steps

Project Duration:

  • Day 1 – Removed all existing boulders and plantings. Dug a 109’ trench and installed fabric, drain tile, and rip-rap
  • Day 2 & 3 – Installed boulder walls using new and existing boulders
  • Day 4 – Installed coco brown mulch in all the beds around the house. Installed two birch trees, 810 native plants, and a maple tree
  • Day 5 – Installed cut stone steps, repaired and adjusted sprinkler lines and heads as needed, and repaired any sod that may have gotten damaged in the process