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Drainage System

July 19, 2016

Project Description:

Client needs a drainage system to manage water runoff from its large outdoor facility in accordance with EPA standards.  For this commercial landscaping project, Peterson Companies created a system to channel runoff into a retaining pond through a 600-feet long ditch and underground piping.

Before                                                    After

20160412_173716-686683-edited.jpg     20160418_153659-759699-edited.jpg


Customer Needs: 

  • EPA compliant water management
  • A water channeling system to lead runoff into the retaining pond on site
  • Ability to filter harmful elements in water runoff

Peterson Solutions:

  • Graded the field with laser-guided precision equipment to ensure proper gradient measurement
  • Created the drainage system: a 600-feet ditch and underground piping that channel runoff into the main sediment pond
  • Installed heavy felt and rip rap along one side of the ditch for reinforcement
  • Applied seed blankets on the other side and at the bottom for runoff filtration and erosion control
  • Installed underground piping
  • Refurbished the retaining and sediment pond

Primary Materials:

  • Rip Rap rocks
  • Heavy felt, erosion control blankets, and  seed
  • Inlet pipes

Project duration:

  • The entire project took 6 days
  • Day 1 & 2 - Field grading, soil excavation and disposal
  • Day 3 - Sculpted the main ditch per design layout
  • Day 4 & 5 - Installed rip rap and heavy felt. Laid blankets and applied erosion control seeds at side and bottom of the main ditch
  • Day 6 - Installed underground piping and refurbished the sediment pond