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Brand New Sod Installation - Project Review

June 20, 2017

Project Description:

Homeowner wanted brand new landscaping and lawn to match the new construction of their home. Sod rolls were installed, along with vinyl edging around the perimeter of the house, filled with plants and mulch.  They also requested boulders to be installed along the sloped side of the house to help with erosion control.










Customer Needs:

  • New sod lawn
  • Manicured landscaping around perimeter of the house
  • Boulder retaining wall along the sloped side of the house to prevent erosion

Peterson Solutions:

  • Installed 160’ of vinyl edging around perimeter of house, complete with a weed barrier fabric and shredded hardwood mulch
  • Installed one hydrangea tree, 11 shrubs, and 27 perennials in the front of the house
  • Installed boulders and 6 ton of1.5” rock along south wall of house to help with erosion control
  • Installed 7 shrubs and 9 perennials on the west and south side of the house
  • Installed 34 big rolls of sod (1,190 sq. yds.)

Core Materials:

  • Vinyl edging
  • 7 cubic yards of shredded hardwood mulch
  • 8 boulders
  • 6 ton 1.5” rock
  • 1 hydrangea tree, 112 shrubs, and 27 perennials
  • 1,190 square yards of cut sod (34 rolls)

Project Duration:

  • Day 1: Installed edging and plants. Installed mulch around the perimeter of the house, and boulders on the sloped side.  Started sodding.
  • Day 2: Finished sod.

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